About Us

Vibrant Healthcare was founded on one belief:
The more we know about our history, the better plans we can make for our future.

We work with leading laboratories nationwide to provide our customers with safe, discreet genetic testing from the comfort of their own home or with their trusted healthcare providers. By giving patients the tools to discover factors in their genetic makeup, they can use the information to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and medical care. This allows them to be the healthiest versions of themselves and ensures as much time as possible with their loved ones.

Our Mission

To provide insight to you as an individual by giving you an in depth look at what makes you, you.

Our Vision

We believe that knowing more about your unique makeup and background provides the best platform for your healthcare plan.

We work with leading, CLIA, COLA and CAP certified laboratories nationwide to accomplish that.

Tests are run through labs with a minimum of the above accreditation 

Genetic Testing

Cancer (CGx) →

We work with leading labs to offer multi-gene swab tests that accurately identify the presence of inherited gene mutations.

Cardio (CarGx) →

Panels include all genes currently known to be associated with inherited cardiovascular diseases.

Comprehensive eye (EYE) →

Many eye disorders “run in families” and are genetic — that is to say, they are passed on from parents to their offspring by genes.

Diabetes/Obesity (DO) →

This panel measures for over 50 gene markers associated with Diabetes/Obesity.

Immunodeficiency (ID) →

Immunodeficiency disorders may affect any part of the immune system.

Neurocognitive (Neuro) →

The Neurocognitive (Neuro) Genetic panel examines 35 different genes associated with the elevated risk of neurocognitive disorder development.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) →

PGx, or Pharmacogenetic, testing services use the patient’s genes to determine disposition and response to combinations of drugs.

Pulmonary (PUL) →

This panel of genes is intended for patients with a diagnosis or clinical suspicion of inherited pulmonary disorders.

Metabolic (META) →

The purpose of the comprehensive metabolic panel is to conduct a broad assessment of various aspects of physical well-being.