Cardio (CarGx)

We offer extensive Cardiac Genetic Testing to identify mutations associated with cardiovascular diseases and sudden cardiac death. Panels include all genes currently known to be associated with inherited cardiovascular diseases. Tests can be ordered in small, specific panels or in one larger, exhaustive panel.

This assessment provides a detailed account of the patient’s cardiac health, including cardiomyopathy risk evaluation. In addition, Subclinical Coronary Artery Disease, Coronary Artery Disease and the risk for artery wall Atherosclerotic Disease activity are detected.

Certain risk factors, like high cholesterol, are inherited. Patients can reduce risks by finding out if they are predisposed to said risks. Early diagnosis can help those affected make important lifestyle adjustments, as well as changes to their medical care planning.

Who Orders Cardiac Genetic Testing?


To afford their patients a more personalized medical  approach by detecting the possibility of underlying genetic cardiac conditions

Family and Internal Medicine Doctors

To offer patients and their families more awareness about cardiovascular conditions


To provide diabetic patients with a more thorough cardiovascular risk assessment