Metabolic (META)

The purpose of the comprehensive metabolic panel is to conduct a broad assessment of various aspects of physical well-being. With 14 measurements, it can detect a range of abnormalities in blood sugar, nutrient balance, and liver and kidney health.

Depending on the situation, a comprehensive metabolic panel can be employed for diagnosis, screening, or monitoring.

  • DIAGNOSIS: happens after symptoms have started and is the process used to determine the cause. Because it includes a collection of measurements, the CMP may be prescribed in the diagnosis of many different types of symptoms.
  • SCREENING: is attempting to find health problems before symptoms occur. The CMP may be prescribed as part of a routine health check-up to look for indications of underlying issues.
  • MONITORING: is the process of seeing how a patient’s situation changes. A CMP can be used to see if test levels go up or down over time, including after treatment. The test can also help check for side effects of medications, especially those that have the potential to affect the liver.